WordPress Stats now run with JetPack

If you have a WordPress blog and you don’t already have WordPress Stats installed, do so now and activate your Jetpack configuration while you are at it. WordPress Stats give a great insight into your blogs performance.

What you get with WordPress Stats…

  • The past days traffic
  • Recent search queries
  • Top Posts clicked
  • Referrers
  • plus Incoming and OutGoing Links
You can get all this with tools like Google Analytics but if you run a blog on a static site its handy to know how the blog section is performing via this easy to use centralized tool.

WordPress Stats on ShaneMcDonald.org

I was able to see that June 21st 2010 was the busiest day on my blog with the blog post iPhone iOS4 Released Today – What Time GMT will iOS4 be released for Ireland and UK?? getting 485 hits on that day and the overall blog getting 889 hits that day.

The top 5 keywords on this site in the past 30 days are
iphone safari frozen , 353 hits
safari frozen on iPhone , 168 hits
ipod safari frozen , 114 hits
iphone 4 safari frozen , 71 hits
flight radar , 24 hits

The best month this year for the blog section of my site was June and July which raked in 7,400 page views per month.

What all these stats mean for your blog?

Analysing your web stats can help with your overall SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as you can link words as anchor phrase keywords to posts or static pages which relate to that phrase. So if you are selling iPhones and you have a static page on your site with the latest iPhone5 models for sale, you could write a blog post discussing the merits and new features of the Latest iPhone5 which you have for sale and then link the word iPhone5 to the static page. By then monitoring the performance of the your website stats (both WordPress Stats and Google Analytics) you can see how well your post is performing and further tweaking may be required in order to get your page or blog post into the top 5 on Google or other search engines.

There is no point in having a site if you don’t check in monthly (or more often) to see how the performance of your site is doing. If things drop of a small bit it may simply the cyclic nature of your sector. If things drop off big time there may be a serious issue with your site e.g. you have been blacklisted or a section of your site may be hacked. Stats Programs allow you to check in and see how the site is doing and WordPress Stats is ideal if you have a WordPress Blog.

Where can I get WordPress Stats?

Visit wordpress.com and search for WordPress Stats. JetPack and a WordPress account will be required – all of which are free. Enjoy!


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